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NWP News 18/03/18

Good evening folks, it’s been a wonderfully challenging, yet inspiring, informative and motivational week for me. I have met some amazing new people and it has encouraged me to share even more of what is possible with your health and wellbeing. I was grateful to share my journey and experience this week on Thursday at […]

NWP News 11/03/2018

Good evening, what a week of mixed weather. Hope you didn’t get stuck in the snow on Thursday morning like I did? Johnny was pleased…his school closed for the day. Friday morning turned out just swell though, and we enjoyed a lovely walk in the sunshine, and up a hill or two. Later our newest members […]

NWP News 4/03/2018

Good evening, Welcome to March. Ever closer to the clocks changing and the summer arriving, this has been one funny week. Cold wind, snow and ice have meant conditions have been tricky underfoot and consequently with your health and safety at the forefront of our interests we have had to cancel several walks. Obviously we want […]

NWP News 18/02/2018

Good evening, although we have a few of our members celebrating their milestone 60th birthdays at this time (and big congratulations to you too) in celebration of Ellie’s 10th birthday (in weeks) we are pleased to announce a heads up for a NWP competition for March. Prize 1: Complimentary meal and drink at a 2018 Adventure walk […]

NWP News 04/02/2017

Good evening, and so we entered February this week. How January flew by. I hope you milked it for all it was worth….you won’t get that time back again. Ellie turned 8-weeks old this Friday. It was a beautiful sunny morning, ideal for our Friday Roamer. Shame the fabulous weather didn’t stick around till Saturday, but […]

NWP News 28/01/2018

Good evening, here we are, at the last weekend of January already. Its been an epic month, and I feel blessed to have ended the month with our Adventure walk today (more below on that). Many people tell me that they feel blue during the winter months, and find it especially tough in January. Many […]


THANK YOU all for your attendance, engagement, attention and interest.   Day 1: Tuesday 16th January: Good grief ! It was so windy and cold I thought we were all going to blow away. I was thoroughly impressed with your dedication to persist through the session and whilst it ended up being the shortest session of […]


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