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NWP News 17/06/2018

Good evening folks, Hope all the father’s out there have had a good day. Those missing their fathers, know that he’ll be looking down on you pleased you’re so healthy and having so much fun.   Today we enjoyed brunch at my parent’s house, then had a nap, and then went off to support Johnny […]

NWP News 10/06/2018

Good evening folks, what a wonderful week of walking. It is so nice to have been able to experience such wonderful weather – anyone would think it is summertime.   Many thanks for all who came along to the Haslam Park Invitation walk. It went really well and was a great turnout from both regular […]

NWP News 03/06/2018

Good evening, many thanks for opting-in to the newsletter post-GDPR frenzy.   Thank you and congratulations to all those who attended the Grasmere Gallop yesterday and did yourselves proud completing the route, and/or achieving a PB. What I loved the most was everyone’s smiles, laughter, and positivity from our group. You stood out amongst the […]

NWP News 27/05/2018

Good evening ! Allow me to thank you for opting into the new post-GDPR email lists. There are still a lot of changes going on behind the scenes so please bear with us whilst we make the necessary updates. We will also email via the NWUK/NWP-proprietary online booking system so please be accepting of that too. […]

NWP News 20/05/2018

Good morning ! I just wanted to say a quick thanks in this weeks email. I want to say thanks to all the amazing people who came on the Howarth Adventure walk last weekend and were straight back out walking again during the week. I want to say thanks to our wonderful team for their […]

NWP News 13/05/2018

Hello there, it has been a full-on week. Four of us started our Microbiome program, which has meant that besides the usual commitments and challenges of work, family and business we have had to eat clean, replacing tea and coffee with herbal teas and water, carb-loaded sandwiches, pasta and potato dishes with more meat/fish and healthy […]

NWP News 6/05/2018

Good afternoon, finally, a sunny bank holiday, and I am getting a few minutes to catch up on myself. However, as it is so untypically hot, I will make this a short one, and go out and enjoy it. I trust you are out enjoying yourself in your garden, or Nordic walking, or out on […]

NWP News 29/04/2018

Good evening,   many thanks to those of you who joined us this week #nordicwalking. We are 4 full months into this year of 2018. For some of you, your health and fitness is blossoming through your consistent dedication and commitment to yourself, your walking, and your overall personal wellbeing improvement program. Others of you have […]

NWP News 22/04/2018

Good morning ! Here at NWP it’s not all about Nordic walking. It’s about fun. It’s about community. About communication. About sharing. About courage. About expressing yourself. About expanding your awareness and your opportunities. Those are entirely my thoughts. What are yours ?   Tuesday was a great evening – our first Buckshaw Invitation walk. […]

UCLAN 2018 – Explore with Walking

Summertime is fast approaching. Get yourself outdoors at lunchtime and explore the green spaces in and around the centre of Preston. Join us for a 30-minute introductory session to learn how you can get the most out of a short, brisk walk from Greenbank building or Foster building. Burn more calories than ordinary walking, tone […]


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