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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit !

It’s already the first of October ! This year has flown by so quickly and so many amazing things have happened. Allow me first and foremost to reiterate my congratulations to everyone who attended the Run Preston 10k event last Sunday. Some great times, but most importantly some fantastic team spirit. Well done to Liz and Andy for taking the first female and male Nordic walkers prizes. What fabulous medals and T-shirts we all got. High five to Lenka who completed the 5k at 6 months pregnant with Ellie (maintaining fitness before, during and after pregnancy is so important !). The next event is the Lytham Windmill 10k in November, already with a grand number of Nordic walking entries. Will you join us ?

More and more people have been taking up regular Nordic walking in and around Preston this year with all the local instructors, Matt, Dawn, Bart, Ann, Diane, Helen, Ann and those further afield. Testament to the fact that Nordic walking is awesome and provides so many benefits to both physical health and mental wellbeing.

Last month we also ran the #move4ten campaign. Many of you were more active, not only #nordicwalking, but other exercises and also posting about your endeavours on Facebook. Thank you all for your participation and hope you appreciate the most important thing out of it….more movement and improved health and wellbeing. We have two T-shirts to give out ! A #redtops T-shirt for Sheila Salmon, and a #purplebeck T-shirt for Stephanie Donaldson. Well done ladies.

Please note that coming up on the 14th October we have our Jacobs Join (Fuddle) walk. Click here to book your place. We shall have a longer than usual Saturday morning walk along the Wyre Way, followed by the Jacobs Join at the Guys Farm Outdoor Activity Centre near Scorton. Basically, bring your own pizza for yourself (we will have an outdoor pizza oven fired up on our return from the walk) and also one starter, side or dessert to share with the group. Please book on ASAP so we know numbers and can organise an online menu of the individual (hopefully homemade and ‘reasonably’ healthy, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) speciality dishes we shall each bring, and carshare for those who would like to.



For anyone who has attended a 5k/10k event this year and/or intends on attending such events as time goes by I will be holding a workshop on Wednesday 11th October 19:45 – 21.15, i.e. after the Wednesday evening walk (you will need to prep your evening food and snacks in advance, or order it in from, e.g. The Eat Well.)

We shall be covering the practical side of moving faster with grace and ease. It will be indoors, interactive, and we’ll be talking and demonstrating you through how to move more freely, and have the capacity, energy, mobility, strength and vitality to do so. Let’s visualise what will be happening on the evening. I will be showing you ALL the things I do from head to toe, external and internal, body and mind, to perform better and recover better. Let’s say about 5 years of elite level training and practical experience condensed into one practical demonstration. This is body work, mind work, and pole work.

There will be plenty of homework for you to take away and practice at home and on your regular walks. Attendance of this course will therefore assist you with getting more out of your regular walks both mentally and physically. The farther reaching outcomes of attending this training, and eventually applying all that you learn (at your own pace) is that you will have much improved fitness, posture, strength, mobility, mental clarity and calmness of mind as you age gracefully. Essentially to get more out of yourself, for yourself, for life.

Not mandatory, but absolutely for your own benefit, there will be outdoor follow-up sessions on Wednesday 25th October 19:45 – 21:15 and Saturday 28th October 10:45 – 12:15.

A number of reminder videos will be produced for you into modules and these will go in a Facebook group and also on my new website for you to access. We shall also video the event so you can watch it back.

A manual will be produced and you will also receive a copy of this.

To book your place please click here.



It’s almost 12 weeks to Christmas. I know many set intentions for this year to be YOUR YEAR of massive change and it has been great to see several of you achieve fantastic transformations in weight, health, fitness, and happiness.

Some of you though have continued to sit on the fence, or resist putting in the required effort, or have been hoping for the “right time”, or have simply been telling yourself stories about why you cannot do this. There is plenty of scientific research out there now that it is normal for the brain to do this to oneself if you are not functioning in the best state of health. The upside of this is that YOU can completely and positively change your experience of life by investing in improving balance in your body and mind. For the past 7 years I have been on a journey of deep learning and implementation and it is truly remarkable the things I have been able to overcome and achieve through the process I shall be introducing you to.

It doesn’t really matter, to be honest, whether you have been sabotaging yourself, or you haven’t yet been ready or able to fully commit yourself, or you haven’t had the confidence to do this alone, or whatever other reason or external circumstances have been preventing you. What matters is that right NOW you feel truly compelled to throw down the gauntlet and make considerable personal change in your weight, health and fitness by the end of 2017.

If this is YOU, then get in touch today, because TODAY I am opening up just 3 spots for 1:1 coaching. This will be both in person and online and will include everything you need to positively transform your confidence, shape, size, weight, fitness and strength by the end of 12 weeks, i.e. before Christmas so that you can fully embrace the celebrations knowing you are the new version of yourself, and ready to hit 2018 with energy and enthusiasm to achieve even more great things.

To apply please TEXT Matt on 07530813225 with “Call me please Matt” as the message. We shall have a short conversation to check your suitability, and should you be one of the three, we shall be commencing your program from tomorrow !


So, the walks for this coming week are:


Monday 7pm – Dawn’s evening walk – Longsands


Tuesday 6:30am – Matt’s Rising Stars – Moor Park

Tuesday 10:00am – Dawn’s Wellbeing Walk – Avenham Pavilion

Tuesday 11:30am – Dawn’s Workout Walk – Avenham Pavilion

Tuesday 12:10am – Matt’s Lunchtime Walk – Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre at Uclan


Wednesday 13:10am – Matt’s Lunchtime Walk – Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre at Uclan


Wednesday 18:15 – Matt’s Evening Walk – Haslam Park with Sue and Andy


Friday 9:30am – Matt’s Friday Roamer – Moor Park


Saturday 9:15am – Matt’s Rise and Shine – Boulevard

Saturday 10:45am – Dawn’s Workout Walk – No walk this week


Have a fantastic week. All the best.




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