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Good evening Nordic walkers,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. We had a fabulous walk in the sunshine yesterday morning along the canal from Barton Grange before heading in there to sample specialities at the Food & Drink festival and then sit out on the veranda for a cuppa.

It’s September already, can you believe it ?

For September I have launched a new #move4ten Challenge. The Challenge is designed to encourage anyone who finds themselves sat down for long periods of time to regularly get up and move about. Movement really is key to great health and longevity.

For more details please see this link.

Whilst you active Nordic walkers may walk several times a week I also encourage you to participate in the #move4ten challenge if you find you are not so active in the in-between times.  Please also note that you will have family members and friends, or colleagues who you know will benefit if you can inspire them to participate too.


Whilst it is all a bit of fun, there is a serious side to it. 6 million adults aged 40-60 are reported by Public Health England to be extremely inactive, getting less than 10 minutes of heart-raising walking done per MONTH.

Although there is no official competition….anyone booking 8 walks or more through the online booking system this month and following the instructions of the challenge will go into a prize draw for a purple T-shirt with a Nordic Walking Preston logo. We have several to give away.

Good luck.


Here are the walks this week. Enjoy !


Monday 7pm – Dawn’s evening walk – Longsands


Tuesday 6:30am – Matt’s Rising Stars – Moor Park

Tuesday 9:45am – Dawn’s Wellbeing Walk – Avenham Pavilion

Tuesday 11:00am – Dawn’s Workout Walk – Avenham Pavilion

Tuesday 12:10am – Matt’s Lunchtime Walk – Foster building at Uclan – CANCELLED DUE TO TRAINING


Wednesday 12:10am – Matt’s Lunchtime Walk – Foster building at Uclan

Wednesday 18:15 – Matt’s Evening Walk – Haslam Park


Thursday 8:15am – Matt’s Thursday Energiser – Moor Park


Friday 9:30am – Matt’s Friday Roamer – Meet at the Boulevard


Saturday 9:15am – Matt’s Rise and Shine – Avenham Park

Saturday 10:45am – Dawn’s Workout Walk – Avenham Pavilion


Have a fantastic week. All the best.




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