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Good morning folks,

A day late as I was away on training all weekend. Apologies for lateness, but hope you had a wonderful weekend.

As the rain is beating down outside in the early morning darkness one gets that feeling that we are heading out of summer and into autumn.

I love the change of seasons and autumn brings with it so many beautiful aspects, colours, scents, views, feelings and experiences.

It is a time though to contemplate warm, hearty, crock-pot stews, to get more rest than action, and to use any means to boost your immune system.

It is also a time to bring out the waterproofs, the chest or headlights and reflective clothing, possibly even waterproof socks. Remember, there is not much bad weather for Nordic walking, just inappropriate clothing.


Here are the walks this week:


Monday 7pm – Dawn’s evening walk – Longsands


Tuesday 6:30am – Matt’s Rising Stars – Moor Park

Tuesday 9:45am – Dawn’s Wellbeing Walk – Avenham Pavilion

Tuesday 11:00am – Dawn’s Workout Walk – Avenham Pavilion

Tuesday 12:10am – Matt’s Lunchtime Walk – Foster building at Uclan


Wednesday 12:10am – Matt’s Lunchtime Walk – Foster building at Uclan

Wednesday 18:15 – Matt’s Evening Walk – Haslam Park


Thursday 8:15am – Matt’s Thursday Energiser – Moor Park


Friday 9:30am – Matt’s Friday Roamer – No walk today


Saturday 9:15am – Matt’s Rise and Shine – Avenham Park

Saturday 10:45am – Dawn’s Workout Walk – Avenham Pavilion


Have a fantastic week. All the best.




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