Wine, Wellies and Pearls

Congratulations on completing your Nordic walking taster session !

Here are photographs from the session.


I’d like to suggest an option for those of you who are interested in doing a little more Nordic walking.
A Learn To Nordic Walk course at Guys Farm:
I would recommend Two 2-hour sessions, each approx. 2-4 weeks apart. Each 2-hr session would include 1hr of technique instruction followed by an hours walk away from the site. All poles would be provided and the session would be tailored to the abilities and fitness of all participating members.
As per our standard Learn To Nordic Walk course you would receive your Freedom Passports at the end of the second session which would allow you then to join our local groups on their regular walks, or join our Adventure walks, or we could even plan a special walk at one of your events throughout the year.
In order for this to proceed we would need a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12 per session.
Possible dates for 1st session for September:
Sat 23rd Sept 3-5pm.
Sun 24th Sept 2-4pm.
Sat 30th Sept 12-2pm.
Feel free to join our 1000 Friends Nordic Walking Facebook group for more footage of what Nordic Walking Preston members get up to.


Join us at your Wine, Wellies and Pearls event for a fun walk which will be slightly different than you are used to.

We will first spend 15 minutes learning how to use the poles so that you become “four-legged” and then we’ll go off for a 40 minute walk around the nearby countryside.

It might sound a little unusual, but wait till we get out on to our walk. You will see how the poles help you stand up tall (great if you’ve got your wellies on, rather than your high heels), and propel you forward.

These poles aren’t for balance, but for turning your walk into a workout. They allow you to walk with pride and purpose, elevate your heart rate and tone your arms, shoulders and tummy. Some call it an outdoor cross-trainer, but we just like to walk and talk and know that when we are back we will have improved our posture, our fitness, and our body tone.

You might also appreciate the extra calorie burn if you are having a few glasses of wine during the weekend. Nordic walking is known to burn up to 77% more calories than just ordinary walking.


Nordic walking is suitable for all ages and abilities and the exercise is easily adapted to each person’s own ability. So whilst you will be moving as a group you will not be expected to all walk at the same pace.


Two taster sessions are available. One at 1pm, and the second at 2pm. Julie Appleby has more details and a PARQ health form for you to fill in.



You will need a pair of flat, flexible soled shoes (a pair of trainers or walking shoes is a great choice).

Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for the weather conditions. Layered outdoor gear is recommended, but wear what feels comfortable for you.

Poles are provided for the taster session.




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