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Nordic walking Preston is a Delivery Partner for Nordic Walking UK. We offer taster sessions, Learn to Nordic Walk courses and regular walks on the beautiful parklands and open spaces in and around Preston, Lancashire. For 2016 we are expanding the number of instructors and walks. There will be monthly time trials, as well as Adventure walks at locations across the country under the expert guidance of our Delivery Partner colleagues.

Since 2015 Nordic Walking Preston has expanded it’s range of services to ensure that you are able to stay fit, strong, healthy and active into the later years of your life. Evidence-based science is finally starting to catch up with what we have known for years – that we don’t have to slow down, degrade and suffer with all manner of aches, pains, and ailments as we age.

The three pillars to healthy, active ageing are keeping an active mind, an active body, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by virtue of how we think, speak, move, eat, and rest.

Assess your lifestyle or improve your wellbeing and vitality with Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.

Improve your mobility, flexibility, strength and performance through our Intrinsic Biomechanics Screening process.


Matt Gibbs

After transforming his health in 2011 Matt has been helping others around the world make significant changes in their health and wellbeing. Matt got interested in Nordic walking because he felt it really is the perfect way to progress from walking into a more active lifestyle.

Matt’s speciality is helping people who are stuck in a rut with their health, weight, or fitness, or have specific health complaints or conditions that require a more holistic approach to making improvements. Whether it’s returning from injury, or overcoming specific obstacles to achieving vibrant health Matt is here to help, guide and encourage you to expect and achieve more out of life.

Steph Donaldson

Steph is a walk leader for Nordic Walking Preston.

Gill Finn

Gill is a walk leader for Nordic Walking Preston.

After having to give up running due to a back injury a friend suggested I give Nordic Walking a try. I took my taster session in January 2017 and was immediately hooked. I completed my course in February 2017 and since then there has been no stopping me.
After a month of walking I was signed off by my physio as my back and core had vastly improved. To the point that I have been able to take myself up to the Lake District for some hill walking.
I have made many new friends through Nordic Walking which was another bonus after living abroad for 18 years.
Together we encourage and help each other with our group walks and challenges. Always looking to the future for further activities and challenges. NWP is not just a walking group but a family.

Christine Lomas

Chris is a member of the Social Committee and participates in organising social events and walks for our members.

A friend introduced me to Matt and Nordic Walking in June 2016 after a 33-year relationship breakdown and a particularly challenging time in my life.
I suffer with epilepsy and found myself lost and alone with no confidence and very low self-esteem.
I had kept myself reasonably fit with walking, fell-walking and going to the gym and found I instantly took to Nordic Walking as a new way of exercising. 
I have now completed seven 10k Walk competitions and had the confidence and belief to complete the 21 mile Preston Guild Wheel Walk all with the help and encouragement which has come from the truly wonderful and very dear friends I’ve made over the last 18-months. I couldn’t imagine my life without them all or the Nordic Walking now.

Angela Clarke

Angela is a walk leader for Nordic Walking Preston.

Angela Clarke joined a Learn To Nordic Walk session in November 2016. She admits that on joining it she had no intention of joining a walking group, but instead thought it was a way of participating in Saturday morning park runs at Avenham park, without putting the stress on her joints and sustaining injury as she had done while ‘jogging’ the free 5k park runs.
Angela was hooked from the first session and loved it so much that she is still a regular Nordic Walking Preston group member over a year later. Each Saturday the park runners shout good morning to the Nordic walkers of Avenham Park and the Nordic walkers shout good morning back.

In a recent Facebook post she wrote…. “Wow I can’t believe this is a year ago and I’ve been part of the amazing transformation that Nordic Walking Preston continues to have. I’ve met the most remarkable, funny, interesting, friendly and loving people through the simple act of completing a Learn To Nordic Walk course. The changes and growth in the group are amazing, but the changes and growth in me are remarkable. This year I’ve completed four 10k events and, while I’m often found at the back, I’m lapping every single one of you on the couch and laughing and smiling 95% of the way round (although not uphill at Whinlatter!).
Looking forward to 2018 and leading some walks myself and sharing this amazing activity.”

Di Duckworth

Di is the Social Committee Manager and heads up the team that organises social events and walks for our members.

Di took early retirement in 2015 five years after suffering a brain haemorrhage which limited her ability to perform in her stressful job.
Having seen a leaflet advertising Nordic Walking in the chiropractors she found the idea of this attractive for a number of reasons. Firstly it was a step up from the canal side strolls she was currently doing so she would be able to up her fitness and hopefully assist her weight loss goals. But more importantly it meant she would not be restricted to where and when she could walk which she was when walking on her own. It gave Di confidence to know she would be walking in company.
Nordic Walking attracts people from different age groups and backgrounds so there is always someone to chat too. The group sizes vary depending on the time of day and venue but Di has found it a wonderful way to meet new people and make new friends.
A coffee is often suggested after a walk and we have been on adventure walks, quizzes, meals together, holidays or weekends away at 10k challenges and even an occasional Gin Festival.

Lenka Gibbs

Lenka is a walk leader for Nordic Walking Preston.

Sue Harrison

Sue is a walk leader for Nordic Walking Preston.

Sue took up Nordic Walking in April 2016 and has fallen totally in love with it.

After previous knee and ankle injuries, walking with Nordic poles has given her the confidence to get back into the countryside.

Sue finds the Saturday morning walks are the best start to her weekend. They never seem a chore like going to the gym did. No matter what the weather!

Walking with the group has helped to counteract work stress and boosted her overall mood.

Sue has seen improvements in her fitness and stamina since walking with the group. She’s looking forward to taking on some 10k challenges in 2017.

Michael Kearney

Michael is a walk leader for Nordic Walking Preston.

Michael is Reiki master, health coach and teacher of meditation and has spent many years helping people around Preston and the Fylde coast get their health on track.

Personally after failing at many fad diets, weigh & pay clubs and only lifting heavy weights to “keep fit” he ballooned to nearly 20 stone (Nov 14) Michael needed to get his own health drastically under control, he initially gave up drinking alcohol and embraced a more healthy way of eating he embraced lots of different ways of keeping fit including spinning classes, bodypump, running and Nordic Walking, so far he lost 77lbs (as of Nov 16)

Running has become one of his more challenging activities and completed his 5mile trail race on Xmas eve 2016, swiftly following this he entered 10km road races and is interested in using Nordic Walking as part of his training strategy for his personal charity challenge in 2017 – moving 1000 miles for Prostate cancer U.K., by foot, cycle or swim (any donations welcome), which will also see him complete half marathons, both in running and Nordic Walking.

After spending a large percentage of his 30’s as a couch Potato his ultimate aim with the help of Nordic Walking Preston is to compete in 2018 as an ultramarathon runner.

Since getting involved with Nordic Walking, Michael has noticed definite changes in his posture not only whilst training but also in everyday life too.

Andy Harrison

Andy is a walk leader for Nordic Walking Preston.

As a keen hockey player and occasional gym member, Andy initially started Nordic Walking to support his wife, Susan, in her fitness journey. He couldn’t see what benefit having the extra poles would give.

However after the accelerated learning course in April 2016 and under 5 months of regular walking, he’s completely changed his mind and has noticed the difference in his fitness to the point where at the beginning of the hockey season, his team mates were commenting on the fact he was able to run around the pitch a lot more than he did before.

Since then Andy has attended regular walks, from the Saturday morning shake ups, to the Wednesday night wind down and the occasional adventure walk at the weekend with other Nordic Walking groups.

He is enjoying being outdoors, finding new bits of Preston he’d not seen and socialising with the group on and off the walks.

In 2017 he is looking forward to expanding the range of walks provided by the group and helping others on their fitness journey.

Paul Gibbs

Paul is a walk leader for Nordic Walking Preston.

Paul is Matt’s dad and was first introduced to Nordic walking by Matt after being inspired by Matt’s own health transformation.  He followed the Learn to Course at the end of 2015, but then had a break from the group following an extended holiday in the first part of 2016.  He is now back to enjoying regular walks with the group, particularly on Saturday mornings mainly round the parks in Preston.  He loves the opportunity to exercise with others in an outdoor environment rather than the confined space of a gym or exercise hall.

Like other walk leaders he has followed leadership and first aid courses to ensure he is suitably qualified, though not yet eligible to instruct, that remains Matt’s responsibility.  As the number of participants increases Paul and the other leaders will be able to assist Matt in managing larger groups of differing experience and abilities.


Gillian Mason

I was looking for ways to improve my general health and fitness without it impacting on my weekends with the family. Knowing that the children would be leaving home in a few years to go to university I was also looking for things to do so I wasn’t bored when they went and that I would be sat at home twiddling my thumbs. Nordic walking fit the bill perfectly and I was amazed at how much better I felt after only a short time. I was welcomed into the group which has continued with the activities we do, whether it be Nordic walks or a social activity. There is such a variety and there is nothing better than coming to the finish of a 10K race and be cheered on by everyone. it is such a fun, active, social group I wouldn’t be without it now, always there to support you when you need it.


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