NWP News 14/07/2019

Good morning, I missed the opportunity to email last night owing to some tennis match that dragged on for hours 😉   The working week has begun for us workers, so I won’t keep you with a long email. Here are some highlights and things to look out for.   Successful social evening at The […]

NWP News 07/07/2019

Good evening, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend soaking up the sunshine. Congratulations to Liz McGrath who completed the Moonlight and Memories walk from St Catherine’s Hospice and to Angela Clarke and Paul Atherton who completed the Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride earlier today. Congratulations also to Johnny who broke a club record at his […]

NWP News 30/06/2019

Good evening folks, It’s been nice to get out in the summer sunshine this week.   What was your favourite moment this week?   We were lucky to be able to have our first bbq of the year in the back garden on Thursday. On Saturday evening we unashamedly left the kids with Aunty, Uncle […]

NWP News 23/06/2019

Good evening,   I have indulged !! Not just in sharing my birthday cake photo on this weeks email, but for eating most of the cake myself. It was very good ! Thank you Di for your excellent artwork. Thank you everyone for your kind words, wishes, cards, presents, and for joining me on the […]

NWP News 16/06/2019

Good evening,   Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. Hope you’ve had a good day. We had a three-generational breakfast with my kids and my parents at Cafe 65 in Longridge. A quaint place, but with quite a tasty superfood breakfast.   Despite the rainy weather this month it is great to see many of […]

NWP News 09/06/19

Good evening, It has been a wet one this week. And a busy one.   Still, we managed a team meeting on Saturday and discussed some of the amazing things that have been happening with our team, our group, our walkers, and our events over the past 6 months, and also pre-planned some of the […]

NWP News 2/06/2019

Hi there folks, It was fabulous to experience the iconic annual event of the Grasmere Gallop yesterday. This event has a 34-year history, however this year was new in the fact that it was organised by Pure Outdoor Events, whereas since 2011 it had been organised by the National Trust. Nevertheless, it turned out to […]

NWP News 26/05/2019

Good evening folks,   The garden is looking beautiful (that’s code for it’s been raining). It’s all in the timing though. I managed to cut the grass whilst it was dry.   Driving to Manchester Aquatics Centre this morning at 7:30am though, the only thought overpowering the drone of the rain beating down on the […]

NWP News 12/05/2019

Good evening,   what a beautiful day it has been. We had breakfast in the garden – a nice treat considering the weather we’ve had this week. Warm, sunny, birds chirping away and a feeling like we were on holiday. We then gave some much needed TLC to our shrubs and bushes to make them […]

NWP News 5/05/2019

Good evening, hope you’re enjoying the Bank Holiday weekend.   Garstang Walking Festival Today our family quartet met my parents in Calder Vale and enjoyed a short walk under guidance from Wyre Borough Council Rangers. This was the Bluebell Teas walk and we ended up at the Village Hall for a cuppa and cake (very […]