NWP News 15/09/2019

Good evening folks, as you might have noticed the light is quickly changing now of an evening. Whilst sunsets do not mean lights out per se, at sunset the light is much impaired to the visibility we can expect during daylight hours. It would therefore be advisable to charge up your chest lights or head […]

NWP News 8/09/2019

Good evening, what a beautiful day it’s been. We had a lazy morning and then drove over to South Shore and walked on the sand and splashed in the water pools. We saw kites from the St Annes Kite Festival in the distance and just before leaving we were fortunate enough to see some of […]

NWP News 1/09/2019

Good evening folks and welcome to September, where has the summer gone ? Hopefully those who have been away from regular walking will be getting back into the swing of things this coming week and month. Hope all who have had holidays have enjoyed them very much. Hope anyone who has overindulged or taken their […]

NWP News 25/08/2019

Good evening folks, hope you’ve had a wonderful day today. It has been exceptionally sunny and summery… quite a treat. Wishing you a lovely Bank Holiday Monday and I look forward to seeing those of you who are booked on the Lock&Quay walk tomorrow evening.   Whitby Adventure Walk The coach is being booked in […]

NWP News 18/08/2019

Good morning,   the weekly email is going to be short and is arriving early this weekend. Family Gibbs is taking a few days away to detox digitally and from work, whilst spending a few days in the countryside doing family and outdoor things. On Monday my son Johnny turns a teenager and so I […]

NWP News 11/08/2019

Good evening,   This week we have said not goodbye but fare-well to Helen Frudd who, since joining Nordic Walking Preston, has changed her health around, quit her job, rented out her home, and is moving off to the Isle of Man to a new job and life. Helen tells us that there is great […]

NWP News 4/08/2019

Good evening, another day, another month. Where is this year disappearing? Hopefully some of you joined me in the “2-minute magic” challenge this past week. It’s tough, I know, committing to something new, even two minutes, but when you do some wheels start to turn in other areas of your life. Partly due to the […]

NWP News 28/07/2019

Good evening,   Thank you for your attendance this week. Good to see you all. Walking is a really big part of my life now, and you are an integral part of that too. Today I have attended one of my weekly Mastermind calls with people from across the globe who are participating in Ken […]

NWP News 21/07/2019

Good evening,   What a day. The Grassington Adventure walk has been a fab day out. As I sit here listening to the pitter-patter of rain outside my fingers pitter-patter on the keyboard.   Thanks to Chris and Angela for the recce, organising and leading of the walk. The multitude of terrain elements made it […]

NWP News 14/07/2019

Good morning, I missed the opportunity to email last night owing to some tennis match that dragged on for hours 😉   The working week has begun for us workers, so I won’t keep you with a long email. Here are some highlights and things to look out for.   Successful social evening at The […]