NWP News 09/12/18

Good evening,   Yesterday we celebrated the 1st birthday of Ellie Karla Gibbs. What an achievement. Ellie has just started walking this week with strength, balance, clarity and excitement. We have survived the first year as parents, quite well, on balance. Also, we have had the most amazing year of walks, talks, socials, and Adventure […]

NWP News 02/12/2018

Good evening, Happy birthday Mum !! 21 again. Hope you’ve had a lovely evening.   Thank you to the team this week for their leading of the walks. I was feeling like a fair-weather walker so declined the opportunity to get wet on Friday and Saturday. Glad to see so many of you out and appropriately […]

NWP News 25/11/2018

Good evening, the end of another great week. This week I’d like to praise the 19 people left in the #winterchallenge. This is a 4-month accountability program that a number of the monthly membership opted into participating in. We have been covering stretching this month, alongside general motivation and guidance on hydration, movement and nutrition. […]

NWP News 18/11/2018

And there we have it. An amazing day to end an amazing year of Adventure walks for Nordic Walking Preston.   We have been very blessed all year with the weather for our Adventure walks thanks to our friendship with our Nordic weather god (OK, Cathedral Caves was stretching it a little bit !). Almost […]

NWP News 11/11/2018

Good evening, I trust you had a lovely day. Whilst it was rainy and ominous in the morning, come the 11am Armistice silence the rain seemed to switch off and quite a beautiful afternoon materialised. Some of you were at the beaches checking out the Danny Boyle Armistice Day Centenary Project beach tributes, whilst others of you […]

NWP News 04/11/2018

Good evening, an extremely challenging week with limited sleep. Lack of sleep is one of the most challenging things to deal with. Whatever else we have to deal with, lack of sleep makes dealing with them so much more intense. It can also lower our immune system, hamper our body’s natural repair processes and this lead […]

NWP News 28/10/2018

Good evening, And there we have it. Our first frost of the season. What a beautiful few days of weather we have had though this weekend. I feel blessed to have been able to experience it.   Please now gear yourself up for the upcoming season. Recommendations are waterproof socks, wind and waterproof jackets, multiple […]

NWP News 21/10/2018

Good evening, What a wonderful week of weather change. The leaves changing colour. Leaves falling off trees. Cool air in the mornings. Autumnal drizzle. Some fantastic crimson sunsets. And even some Indian Summer days. If you choose to “connect with nature”…and that begins simply by being more often in the outdoor space…then every outdoor experience becomes […]

NWP News 14/10/2018

Good evening, congratulations this weekend to members of our team who attended the British Nordic Walking 10k event at Rivington, and our other members who attended the Autumn Breaker 10k event at Stanley Park in Blackpool today. Some great times, and generally wonderful overall achievements. Well done. Please give a big cheer to the wonderful wife ! Lenka is 21 (twice) tomorrow, half of […]

NWP News 07/10/2018

Good evening, flying the flag for our Nordic Walking Preston team at the Kielder 10k this weekend were Sue, Andy, Chris and Sue…the ladies seen above giving Daley Thompson a squeeze. The commentators were taken by their smiles and our #strongertogether motto. Following the success of the Kielder Adventure walk and the interest in the […]


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