NWP News 24/03/19

Good morning, Wishing you a wonderful start to the week ahead. Safe to say I was too exhausted to put all the pictures together and create this email yesterday evening after our wonderful trip to Wales.   Llandudno Adventure Walk The trip was a success, in no small part to the amazing participants and the […]

NWP News 17/03/19

Good evening folks, trust you have had an enjoyable week and weekend.   Only ONE week to go until our next Adventure – and this time to Llandudno. We have a FULL coach now, so it’s gonna be a fun ride! Well done on everyone who has signed up and congratulations to the team for […]

NWP News 10/03/19

Good afternoon folks,   It has been a bit choppy with the weather this week, following the warm summery weather of previous weeks that seemed to have brought out the daffs too early. Keep smiling and let’s get this sunshine back on track. Perhaps Gill can bring some back with her in her suitcase from […]

NWP News 3/03/2019

Good evening folks, please join me in congratulating Di Duckworth, Chris Lomas, Steph Donaldson and Gill Mason on completing their Nordic Walking UK Walk Leader training today. They will be continuing to attend our regular walks and practicing their newly acquired skills of walk leading, back marking, finding new routes, group management, mobilisations, cool down […]

NWP News 24/02/2019

And it’s good night from him, and it’s good night from her…   …many of you will know our dear Black Nissan very well. Bruised and battered on several occasions, she did our family proud to the end. Sadly, on Friday, she ended up in the back of a Peugeot 105. Fortunately, no one was […]

NWP News 17/02/2019

Good evening folks, apologies for the late email. I was too bushed after walking a marathon at the weekend, and this morning the system was down.   Anyway, the Ullswater Way Adventure weekend was an exciting, fun, challenging, and amazing experience all rolled into one. Some of the photographs are already in the albums on […]

NWP News 10/02/2019

Good evening folks, it’s great to see the light returning to the after-work (post-5pm) hours. Keep your eyes peeled around that time each day and take in the magic and beauty that would be so easy to miss, were you not tuning in. It might be the falling sun, the rising moon, or the leaf-barren […]

NWP News 3/02/2019

Good evening folks, well, it’s been a bit of change this week, what with the plummeting temperatures, snow and ice. Yes, we are not well geared up for it here in the UK, but we can still find the beauty in it, and experience something new or less familiar. It may even bring pleasant memories of trips […]

NWP News 27/01/19

Good morning, running late with the weekly email after zonking out last night with TPPE (Total Parental Poolside Exhaustion). Johnny was swimming at the Counties at Manchester Aquatics in 3 races. Sounds simple enough, but it meant a 7am departure to get to the warm up on time. Then with some good swims in heats […]

NWP News 20/01/19

Good evening Nordic walkers,   Another great week of Nordic walking ending with quite a fabulous Adventure Walk at Haigh Hall. Thanks to the team for their efforts in preparation and delivery. A lot of good conversation going on around the woodland route, and not one single slip in the mud. I was ever ready […]