NWP News 23/09/18

Boom ! The magical regenerative properties of the Epsom bath. I was pooped after the Adventure walk today, but a few hours with the kids and then an Epsom bath and I have regained my second wind !   Kielder Forest Adventure Walk Today was simply fantastic. Thank you, everyone, who came along for our […]

NWP News 16/09/18

Good morning, thank you for your patience. I didnt return home from Purbeck till just prior to midnight last night. After 4 days of intense activities away from home even I wasn’t able to muster the energy to create this email.   Please note the following : Timetable Please note that there will be changes […]

NWP News 9/09/2018

Good evening, well, it’s been a mammoth week, with schools starting, getting back into the swing of things after holidays, talking at a round table event on the topic of mental health, and in one day delivering taster sessions to 80 hospital staff.   I took the day off today !   We spent the […]

NWP News 2/09/2018

Howdy doody, Family Gibbs is back ! Tired, refreshed, sad, and happy. It’s been a fun and emotional, yet awareness enhancing few weeks away. Today has been an unpacking, washing, cleaning sort of day. Yawn. The good news though, is that Ellie appears to have taken her first step !   So, I am ready for big […]

NWP News 26/08/2018

Good morning ! I hope you have had a good week. I know I will have too. I was, however, writing this on Saturday evening 18th August.   One of the things I practice daily is visioning what I will be experiencing in the future, and I bring back that feeling into the now. I […]

NWP News 19/08/2018

Good morning !   It’s the morning of the Whalley Adventure Walk. It’s the day I fly to the Czech Republic to be with my family. It is also my son’s 12th birthday. What a day ! I hope you enjoy it too. I will be back on the 31st, so I shall see you again […]

UHMBT What next?

It has been a total pleasure delivering #nordicwalking taster sessions to you at the 3 hospitals in Furness, Lancaster and Westmorland. We have had some great feedback on the days, and via email, and comments back to the UHMBT Comms team. Many thanks for participating, enjoying the sessions and providing your feedback.   Nordic walking […]

NWP News 12/08/2018

Good evening, I’ve just seen a Jay Shetty video flash up on Facebook. Man he has some good advertising. Anyway, Jay posts motivational and inspirational videos and this one was talking about waking up early with $86,400 dollars being deposited in your bank account every day, and what you don’t spend would get wiped at […]

NWP News 05/08/18

Good afternoon,   I hope you’ve had a great week.   I am happy and sad, both at the same time. I am happy that my family has gone to the Czech Republic to visit friends and family. I am alone, but happy that I have space to do piled up tasks around the house […]

NWP News 29/07/18

Good evening !   and the rain came. And it poured. But on a Sunday, and not on an Adventure walk weekend, then all good.   It’s been a partying sort of weekend. Well at least for us new baby owners. End of swim season for Johnny and a BBQ with the departing swim coach […]


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