Nordic Walking Preston Testimonials

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help and support and encouragement in my quest for improved fitness, the fact that I was able to complete a 19k walk, is a reflection of how far I have travelled physically and emotionally, I never envisaged that I would ever be able to walk that far again but you have reminded me of the importance of believing in myself. Nordic walking is by far the best exercise I have tried, it has improved my general fitness and I have seen a massive improvement in my knee health (if there is such a phrase!) It is also a great pleasure and honour to have met and become friends with such a fabulous group of people.

I will continue to offer my support and encouragement to the new starters, the group support certainly helped me.

Janette Smith


Hey, lovely fellow Nordic walkers. I’ve lost 3lbs and an inch off my hips in the last 3 weeks. All be walking with poles whilst meeting lots of new people. What’s not to love?

Jane Fitzgerald


It’s a wonderful side effect of nordic walking. I lost half stone and hit a weight I last was 20 years ago.

Valerie Lawrenson


Since I started nordic walking, I have been so much more conscious of walking with my back straight and head up, and as a result I’m seeing far more of the beautiful autumn colours around me!

Liz Kuth


I’ve been Nordic walking for 3 years. It’s the longest I’ve stuck with any exercise. From the first session, it felt right.

Vicki Hanley


I’ve been Nordic Walking for about a year now and it’s all about fitness, fun, fab new friends and of course you get to spend time in beautiful surroundings in the great outdoors! Love it! ❤

Karen Adams


I’m also new to this. I think I’ve done 1 taster walk and 3 further walks but hooked. In that short space of time, I have felt the benefits. I’ve had a lower back and hip problem for almost two years and already those issues are easing. More aware of my posture generally too. And finally, what better way to exercise than with a sociable bunch of people in the great outdoors – doesn’t feel like exercise at all!

Pamela Clark


I am one of the older members of the group (if not the oldest 🙂 ) and got involved in Nordic Walking about 9 months ago under Matt’s guidance after being told by the Doctor to walk more. I love it. You will find that they are a great group of people and, as Karen has said, you are introduced to lovely areas of Preston.

Eve Munro


I can’t believe it’s only been about 3 months since I started as it seems to be such an integral part of my life. It encourages me to get out and about, especially on the more dreary days, and the early mornings/ early evening walks have meant I’ve seen some gorgeous sunrises and sunsets I’d have missed otherwise. the walking sets you up for the day, and the company is fantastic. It must be good – I’m getting a second set of poles for Christmas!

Liz Kluth


I love going Nordic Walking. I remember I felt a little self conscious at first walking in public with poles and the occasional remark passed by someone stood on the sidelines. But 9 months on I hold my head up proud that I stuck with this. I feel so much fitter, firmer and really look forward to getting outside with such a fantastic group of people in the countryside hidden in and around Preston.  You won’t regret taking up this activity x

Di Duckworth


Not done too much… but what I have done has been great! Friendly atmosphere in natutre to get a full body workout!!! 😁 Look forward to seeing you 👍🎅🌲

Lateef Badat


To be honest I started in April 2016 with my wife Sue. I didn’t really think it would be much different to normal walking, but wanted to go to support her. However I quickly learnt it was so much more. Fitness, getting out, seeing new bits of Preston, being part of a very social group, enjoying, as Matt puts it, Natures Gym. I play hockey and my team mates have commented on how much faster I am this year. Enjoying hockey more than I have over the last few seasons. I would say to anybody, ‘give it a go’.

Andy Harrison


After resisting the kind offer from Matthew to give it a try for around 18 months finally gave it a go about 4 weeks ago, it’s been a blast so far and have made new friends and getting loads of fresh air.

Outside of Nordic Walking I have half marathons and all day runs planned, incorporating NW into my weekly regime has improved my posture which has made my running more effective.  Looking forward to 2017 and what it will bring

Michael Kearney


I’m a newbie too. I’d only been on a couple of walks but took the plunge & joined the Christmas walk & meal. I didn’t know anyone apart from Matt at the start but a few hours later I’d made so many friends including his beautiful wife Lenka who made wonderful touches to make our Christmas do really special, thank you Lenka x Everyone welcomed me & made me feel part of the family – it was great!!! I really recommend Matt as a walk leader- so inspirational – please make time to read his previous posts – they include his jouney from past to present and great health, fitness & mental awareness tips too. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the walk & drinks after at the Continental x

Susannah Halliwell


Well this time last year I booked myself on the first taster session for January 2016. I was lacking in self confidence and very much stuck in a rut being a single Mum never taking time for myself. Now 12 months in I feel part of a friendly group of people and have learnt that I deserve some me time. I do the Saturday morning walk which sets me up for the weekend. I feel fitter, more relaxed and certainly in a better place. So glad I took up Nordic Walking

Angela Stanworth


I started walking in April this year. It’s been wonderful to walk on a Saturday morning and see the seasons change week on week. Nordic Walking has allowed me to get out and walk whilst having physio on my knees following a skiing accident. It’s also helped me deal with work stress by getting out in the fresh air with the group. Having moved to the area we didn’t really know many people – this is brilliant group, so warm and funny. I am fitter and happier than I have ever been. I love having a hobby with Andy that we can do together and both get so much from it. It is the first exercise I have ever stuck at. I cannot imagine not doing this now. Very thankful for having found Nordic Walking just when I needed it.

Sue Twigg Harrison


I’ve been Nordic Walking since the spring. I’ve always liked walking and hiking. Nothing too strenuous, but being able to get out in the open air. I’ve never been one for the gym or running, so getting out Nordic Walking is ideal for getting a good workout without really noticing that much. It’s been mainly Saturday mornings for me, not every week but when I can, fitting around hectic business schedules. But what a great way to end a busy working week and set up brilliantly for a relaxing weekend. As others have said this is a fabulous friendly group and I look forward to being involved again on Saturdays and for adventure walks during 2017 and beyond. I look forward to meeting you all before too long.

Phil Parramore


I’ve been walking with the group since June. I thoroughly enjoy the sessions, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It’s a fantastic exercise, I’ve tried numerous gyms but have to say this is far more enjoyable.

Janette Smith


I have been Nordic Walking for about a year and it has made a great difference to me. I am 66 years old with two knee replacements and a resurfaced hip. A couple of years ago I walked with a stick and have walked slowly for years though I have always used the Gym. Nordic Walking seemed to be a good way for me to do some Cardio exercise and so it has proved. I walk very fast with poles and it has improved my fitness considerably and I have suffered no joint pain as a result of my walks. I can now walk much further as well as faster and will set myself some challenges this coming year. See you on the walks!

Gwyn Morgan


I have been part of the group for a year now and really enjoy being part of the group. Before Nordic walking I didn’t see much point in ‘going for a walk’ but I knew I needed to get some exercise. It’s great being out with a friendly and funny group of people. It does’nt matter if you are at the front or the back (like me most of the time!) the walk leaders always make sure everyone is included and don’t get left behind. Get out and take part – you won’t regret it!

Kate Press



I started in March this year and feel so much fitter, healthier & toned. It’s a fantastic group of people, friendly, funny & sociable. I haven’t done as muchwalking as I should over the last couple of weeks because of family obligations, and the build up to Christmas, no excuse I know, but have really missed it and in the New Year intend to be out there more. So hope to see all you new faces then, by the way Cuerden is my favourite walk on a Thursday afternoon. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year everyone. Xx

Sandra Bagwell


Probably being doing this a month really loving it to be honest feel alive after an hour or so.

Lynne E Hilton


I’ve been part of Preston Nordic walking since June after a few problems in my life and it’s the best thing I could have done . It is such a friendly and social group all at different levels in their fitness but together and enjoying the exercise and the wonderful outdoors .

Christine Lomas


Eve Munro – August 2016

“Nordic Walking is such a fun way to get fit! Matthew Gibbs ( is an excellent instructor and his choice of walks has not only extended my knowledge of the beauty of Preston parks but also given me the confidence to be able to complete the adventure walk last Saturday when we walked along the coast and up Arnside Knott (522 feet). Would recommend this activity for all ages. ” – Eve, August 2016


Di Duckworth – August 2016

“Hi I am Di

I live near Preston and I started Nordic Walking in February this year.

I took voluntary early retirement in October 2015 aged 57 after 27 years working in a stressful sedentary desk job. Since having a sub arachnoid haemorrhage in 2010 I had found it increasingly difficult to deal with the organisational, managerial and complex issues required by me. The mental effort in doing the job resulted in me being completely drained each day so I would fall asleep almost as soon as I got home. I felt I had become a different person……a person who was incapable of so many of the things I used to enjoy

I took the step to abandon work and find myself again.

For Christmas my husband was struggling to think of something to buy me so I suggested the Nordic Walking course.

I already have so much more energy and the walking is helping me get fitter and stronger physically and mentally. Completing the Whinlatter 10k this year was a monumental accomplishment for me. Hopefully first of many.

My aim for 2017 is to continue improving my fitness and to use this to complete my ambition of walking the Leeds Liverpool canal. ” – Di, August 2016


Christine Lomas – August 2016

“Hello my name is Christine and I’m a 55 year old lady with epilepsy who joined Preston Nordic Walking after a bad 3 year spell in my life which resulted in myself and my partner of 33 years splitting up 12 months ago. I was devastated and sunk into depression.

From being part of a couple who did everything together, I found myself at a loose end not knowing which way to turn.

I had kept myself fit with going to the gym and fell walking but lost my enthusiasm and motivation which resulted in comfort eating and me putting on a lot of weight. My yoga teacher and good friend Tracy, who was a member of Preston Nordic Walking mentioned the group and encouraged me to join.

I can honestly say that it was the best thing I could have done. From Matt’s first taster session to the here and now of having just been on a wonderful trip out to Arnside, the group are such warm, friendly and like minded people. I was told by Kate yesterday that I was part of the gang now and Kate, you don’t know how kind that little gesture was to me so thank you.

I would like to just say to anyone who is considering joining , Matt is an excellent instructor who has a lot of compassion and patience and takes time to listen and I would highly recommend joining his Preston Nordic Walking group” – Christine, August 2016



Gwyn Morgan – July 2016

“My name is Gwyn. I am a 65 year old retired teacher. I am a heavy guy (ex rugby player) and although I have kept active, osteoarthritis has taken its toll. I have a resurfaced hip and both knees totally replaced. Although a regular gym goer, cardio fitness has become a problem as I cannot run, cycle or use a rowing machine.

Decided late last year to give Nordic Walking a go. Under Matt Gibbs’ expert tutelage, I quickly picked up the technique, and have come to enjoy my walks round the parks of Preston.

I have recently informed my orthopaedic specialist that I am now walking more freely and faster than I have in more than twenty years. Friends and family have noticed the difference and I am delighted with my progress.

Nordic walking and the caring and wise coaching of Matt has allowed me to improve my physical capacity, and has enabled me to also make the psychological jump that enabled me to believe that I can continue to improve, even at my age and with my physical limitations.

I would recommend this excellent activity and Matt Gibbs as instructor to anyone!” – Gwyn, July 2016


Sara Atkin – July 2016

“Nordic Walking is something I have always wanted to try. I do a lot of walking day to day and I wanted to get more out of my daily routine. So I jumped at the chance to try the taster session when I got the email from Train Together, I enjoyed it so much, I immediately signed up for the 4 week course.

Matt is incredibly passionate about Nordic Walking and it shows in his teaching. No question is too daft and Matt is always encouraging you to check form and posture while walking so you know you are minimising risk of injury and keeping pressure off your joints.

When we were first given the poles to walk with I couldn’t understand how this would aid weight loss or be classed as a workout. How wrong was I!! My heart rate monitor showed over 250 calories burned in less than 30 minutes and my arms and shoulders ached like I had been lifting weights!

Walking day to day with children, you tend to look down a lot looking for hazards, but with Nordic you are encouraged to look up and look ahead, the poles really help with this and it’s amazing how much you miss when you are looking down.

Over the last 4 weeks we have attempted all types of terrain and we have discovered parts of Lancaster that I didn’t know existed! Thanks to Matt’s patient tuition, I am walking taller and I have purchased my own set of poles and I’m planning lots of walks.

I would recommend Nordic Walking to anyone, it is a truly holistic workout for body and mind.” – Sara, July 2016


John Ryle – July 2016

“I found Nordic Walking a very effective work out. An hour’s continuous walking with poles builds fitness by exercising most parts of the body, and being in the open air is also a mentally refreshing therapy.” – John, July 2016

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