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Good evening,

flying the flag for our Nordic Walking Preston team at the Kielder 10k this weekend were Sue, Andy, Chris and Sue…the ladies seen above giving Daley Thompson a squeeze.

The commentators were taken by their smiles and our #strongertogether motto.

Following the success of the Kielder Adventure walk and the interest in the 10k event at this location the Leadership team will be planning a larger group to be in attendance this time next year.

So, if you fancy a day or a weekend away in Kielder Forest, participating int he 10k race, getting a great T-shirt and medal, and partaking in some fun and shenanigans with the rest of the team, then let us know and we will put yourΒ name down on the list.


Well done to Helen Frudd this weekend also. For those who don’t know Helen’s story, Helen joined our group approx. a year last January. Not feeling in the best shape, fitness, or confidence Helen knew she had to take her own positive action. We are pleased that Helen took a shine to Nordic walking and since that day has made impressive progress.

A year on from her Learn To Nordic Walk course Helen Nordic walked the January half marathon event early this year. Helen has also participated in a sugar-free challenge and completed over 100 days without processed or refined sugars. This shows serious dedication and commitment, and the results are self-evident in both her appearance, her weight, shape, fitness, energy levels and her ability to only eat a lemon meringue cake in extremely rare situations. πŸ˜‰

Recently Helen challenged herself to complete the Couch to 5k programme and began running. Helen has also been on a juice retreat and made significantΒ headway in rebalancing her body in preparation for this event (or perhaps the start of this year’s teaching term ;-)). And today Helen entered a half marathon as a RUNNER and completed the course in 2h 35 mins. An impressive finishing time for anyone, especially someone who hadn’t thought of running less than 6 months ago.

Fabulous achievements. Keep inspiring Helen.


At family Gibbs this week Lenka started back in the workplace, and Ellie started her school journey (well, nursery). So, it was a tough and tiring week getting back into the routine, and dealing with the sniffles Ellie immediately brought back.

So today, we’ve been lazying around watching Jack Ryan, and indulging in our Autumn Health concoctions.

  1. Thyme tea
  2. Ginger and lemon tea
  3. Bicarb water
  4. Kefir
  5. Lemon Barley water
  6. Bone broth

All consumed at different times of the day, but all supportive of our hydration, our gut health, and our immunity.

If you are feeling a little under the weather, owing to the recent autumnal changes in temperature and lighting, then perhaps consider consuming some of the above too, and getting to bed early.


Learn To Nordic Walk

Please1 note that we have our next Learn To Nordic Walk course on Sunday 14th. Booking link here.


Adventure Walk

On Sunday 21st we shall be revisiting Rivington. We shall follow a different route to earlier in the year, and according to Angela, who has been recceing the route this weekend, then we are in for an informative treat.

We look forward to seeing you there. Join us here.



Here are your walks for this week:

Monday 18:45 – Chorley WandererΒ – Botany Bay Lock & Quay


Tuesday 6:30 – Rising StarsΒ – Moor Park


Wednesday 18:15 – Wednesday Workout – Docks


Friday 9:30am – Friday Roamer – Cuerden Valley Park


Saturday 9:15 am – Rise and Shine – Boulevard


Have a fantastic week. All the best.



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