NWP News 08/04/2018

Good evening,

well, it has been a wet one this week, hasn’t it?

This has surely put some people off from coming out walking. Yet, there is great magic to be found in the rain. There is a different atmosphere, a different feeling, a different experience that one can accept and absorb to enhance one’s overall enjoyment of life.

I used to see and hear rain on the window of my house, or on the windscreen of my car and I perceived it to be much worse than it actually was, in terms of how wet I would I get. I was blissfully unaware of all the wider aspects of what I could gain from the rain. In fact, only once getting out in the rain would I realise that it was never coming down as hard as I had perceived it to have been.

Plus, with correct clothing, you are going to protect yourselves from getting too wet. On the other hand getting wet can bring you back to pleasurable thoughts and memories from childhood. And then, you may find that coming back in the evening from a wet walk will encourage you to take a relaxing epsom bath, or sit in front of an open fire, or dare I say it, have a glass of wine or gin and relish in the fact that you got out… in spite of the rain.

This is a nice article from a friend, Ian Banyard, covering some of the benefits of walking in the rain.


Please note the following walks for April:

Tuesday 10th – 3 Peaks

Tuesday 17th – Invitation walk (invite your friends, family, colleagues

Tuesday 24th – Ruins of Lower Kem


Friday 13th – Cuerden Valley Park

Friday 20th – Nicky Nook

Friday 27th – Fishwick Brockholes Wood



Invitation Walk

Still not yet Nordic walking ? Or do you have friends, family, colleagues, or acquantainces who you know would enjoy walking with our group. Please invite them along to the Buckshaw Invitation Walk being held on Tuesday 17th April. Book a spot here.


Adventure Walk

Gentle reminder that we shall be heading up to Grasmere for a fun walk and picnic to assess the route those entering the Grasmere Gallop shall take. Even if you’re not joining the actual Grasmere Gallop this is definitely an Adventure walk to attend. Book here.


Our May Adventure walk has just been recced today by Andy, Sue and Christine. To be held on Sunday 13th May…details will be posted soon.


Plogging – ever heard of it ? It’s a new Swedish fitness craze consisting of running and collecting litter. We are adapting this concept, making it more sociable and achievable for Nordic walkers. A date shall be released soon, but it will involve a walk, collecting some litter to clean up an area of spoiled beauty we walk through regularly, bake-off style refreshments, and then a walk back to our start point. We already have 20 people interested via Facebook, so we will release a date soon.


So, whether it’s rain or shine this week ahead, we wish you well, and hope to see you on one of our walks.


Here are your walks for this week:

Monday 18:45 – Chorley Wanderer – Healey Nab


Tuesday 6:30 – Rising Stars – Moor Park Central

Tuesday 18:30 – Buckshaw Roamer – Buckshaw Tesco car park


Wednesday 18:15 – Evening Workout Walk – Preston Docks


Friday 9:30am – Matt’s Friday Roamer – Cuerden Valley Park


Saturday 9:15 am – Rise and Shine – Avenham Park



Have a fantastic week. All the best.




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