NWP News 1/09/2019

Good evening folks and welcome to September,

where has the summer gone ?

Hopefully those who have been away from regular walking will be getting back into the swing of things this coming week and month.

Hope all who have had holidays have enjoyed them very much.

Hope anyone who has overindulged or taken their eye off the health and wellbeing ball, so to speak, has firms plans and commitments for the coming month to get back on track.


I am setting myself a personal goal of completing the splits by the end of the month. I begin my programme tomorrow, although I did have a practice run on Saturday. The program includes warming up, strength based exercises and then contract-release stretching. My legs and bum were quite tender this morning, so I started the day with an epsom bath and did some light movement throughout the day. Wish me luck !

Why on earth would a 45 year old want to attempt the splits I hear some of you asking. Well, for no other reason than to build up my strength and flexibility around the centre of my body for I believe that will add some extra years to my life. I believe it will improve my walking, my mobility, my speed, my stability and lessen my risk for pain and injury.

It is my challenge to myself.

However, I also challenge you to try something new, or to rebuild some good habits in any area of your life.


Whitby Adventure Walk

Please note. Our coach is nearing full capacity. Grab a seat while you can.

Please arrive promptly on the Sunday morning at Moor Park for a 7.30am departure.

Please be aware that we are aiming for prompt departure at 5.00pm from Whitby and hope to be back in Preston for 8:30pm.

If you would like to be included in the WhatsApp group please message Sue Harrison.

If you would like to eat with us at Trenchers at 4pm (fish and chips perhaps) then please let Sue or Di know so that we can make the appropriate table bookings.

Many thanks. We all look forward to spending the day with you.


Here are your walks for this week:

Monday 18:45 – Chorley Wanderer – Astley Park


Tuesday 18:45 – Timeout Tuesday -Broughton Business Park, North with Sue & Andy


Wednesday 18:15 – Wednesday Workout – Haslam Park with Matt


Friday  9:30am – Friday Roamer – Cuerden Valley Park, with Di


Saturday 9:15 am – Rise and Shine – Avenham Park with Andy & Sue


Have a fantastic week. All the best.





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