NWP News 15/09/2019

Good evening folks,

as you might have noticed the light is quickly changing now of an evening.

Whilst sunsets do not mean lights out per se, at sunset the light is much impaired to the visibility we can expect during daylight hours.

It would therefore be advisable to charge up your chest lights or head torches and bring them with you on evening walks. You may be surprised that already on our Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening walks we may need to switch them on before the end of the walks.

If you are new to night time walking then please speak to any of the team about suitable attire. Chest lights are generally considered better than head torches and can be bought online for about £20. If you have a reflective or bright coloured jacket then this is preferable as we do walk more frequently on lit streets, as opposed to unlit parks and towpaths. The dark evenings are often offputting for many people when it comes to going outdoors, however, we have noticed over the past four years that our sociable community encourages participation even to a greater extent than during the summer months. What’s not to love about that.


Fylde Coast Runners Fairhaven 10K

Well done to our walk leaders Sue, Andy and Di who attended the 10k event today and tested their fitness and Nordic walking speed and came away with a very nice finishers medal each.

Check their times here https://www.fyldecoastrunners.com/results.html


Please note that the next Fylde Coast Runners event is the Windmill 10k being held on Remembrance Sunday. Come join your NWP team mates at this great annual event.

Here are some reasons why we believe you should participate:
1) It’s a very flat race, so a good one to test out what a race is like. To be honest most of us are really racing only against ourselves.
2) The medals are always beautiful.
3) There is never a time limit or cut off time for any of the Fylde Coast Runners races. They will be there to cheer you over the finish line.
4) These are very friendly events and show the wider public that NWP are proud of being #strongertogether.
5) It’s Remembrance Day and can be very moving.

If you have any questions then speak to one of the team, as we’ve all done it at least once. Some more than once, because it is such a buzz.


Matt’s Splits Challenge

I am another week in and my legs can manage a further 10 cm out than last week. Progress !

I am measuring with my poles once a week. It’s a crude measure and I could be more precise with chalk and a tape measure. I could also be measuring every day.

However, this is very similar to weight loss. You can weigh yourself too often and not fully see or appreciate the longer-term gains and possibly become demotivated by seemingly minuscule or non-existent short terms gains.

Whilst a metric can be a useful guideline it is better to FEEL the progress. With weight loss we can often be at the same weight yet we have gained muscle mass and lost body fat. The numerical weight could demotivate us considering the effort we had put in and the number not changing. However, better sleep, feeling more vital, having more energy, or otherwise, could be the feelings we experience.

For me the distance I can spread my legs is trumped by the feeling of strength in balance and flexibility I am now experiencing.

Another great feeling is from having set an intention, having done the work, and experiencing the gains, knowing it was a choice and all your own dedication and commitment.


Whitby Adventure Walk

Sunday’s forecast looks good for Whitby! Woop.

Please note that there’s a handful of places left on the coach so we welcome any last minute bookings.
The coach has been subsidised by NWP so the cost has been held at only £20 pp. The cost of the adventure walk is £15 ….unless you pay monthly and then the Adventure Walk is FREE.
Please Contact Di if you want a place on the coach before it sells out.


NWP T-shirts

We are placing an order for T-shirts next week.

As these are embroidered specially we only place orders every 6 months so if you miss this time it will be spring before a further order is placed.

Please contact Di or your walk leader for more information about sizing and to place an order.
The cost is £22 for the v neck and £25 for the polo shirts.


Eating Disorder Charity Wellbeing Day Fundraiser

Please consider supporting the following charity fundraiser by attending and benefitting your own wellbeing, education, and awareness whilst pampering yourself.

Access for the full day is only £25 and the Eventbrite booking link is here. All money raised goes to the charity Support and Education for Eating Disorders.

The Wellbeing Day will include:

Talks and workshops:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Relaxation, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Counselling, Mind, Body and Nutrition, Mindfulness, How trauma affects the body.

Mindfulness, Relaxation, Managing your thoughts and feelings with CBT, Carer’s group for people with eating disorders, Relaxation.
Taster sessions:

Nutritional Consultations, Holistic Facial, Foot reflexology, Facial reflexology
Massage (foot/ back, neck and shoulder/ head), Nails (manicure/pedicure)

The 15-minute sessions are £5 – that means you could book an hour’s massage for just £20! Standard charges for a massage at our clinic is £40 and a variety of other services are on offer today at a reduced price and so you can experience the best wellbeing services on offer all in the same place at the same time. Our Wellbeing Professionals will also be on hand to answer any questions and discuss how you can be the best version of yourself and what you need to do to get there.

An agenda will be given to all attendees on arrival to plan your bespoke day and book consultations and appointments with our Wellbeing Professionals.



Here are your walks for this week:

Monday 18:45 – Chorley Wanderer – White Coppice


Tuesday 18:45 – Timeout Tuesday – Broughton Business Park, North with Sue & Andy


Wednesday 18:15 – Wednesday Workout – Haslam Park with Matt


Friday  9:30am – Friday Roamer – Waitrose with Di


Saturday 9:15 am – Rise and Shine – Avenham Park with Andy & Sue


Sunday 10:00 am – Whitby Adventure Walk – Whitby with Team NWP (7:30am coach from Moor Park)


Have a fantastic week. All the best.





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