NWP News 19/08/2018

Good morning !


It’s the morning of the Whalley Adventure Walk. It’s the day I fly to the Czech Republic to be with my family. It is also my son’s 12th birthday. What a day ! I hope you enjoy it too.

I will be back on the 31st, so I shall see you again out walking in September. Saturday September the 1st to be exact. Put it in your diary. We are visting the Barton Grange Food Festival after a walk from Garstang along the Lancaster canal.

In the meantime please remain active, safe under the guidance of our wonderful walk leaders Andy, Sue, Angela and Gill.


I shall be turning off my technology, putting on my shorts, grabbing a pint of Czech beer, and relaxing with my darlings.

I wish you a pleasant couple of weeks. I believe it is going to be hot here in the UK too.


Gut Health and Microbiome
Please note that in early September we shall be running another Pure 21 program with the Synergy Microbiome kit.

This program is 21 days of clean eating with the support of an online group, and includes consumption of a specially designed range of supplements that are of extremely high-quality and professionally designed to kick-start a significant improvement in gut health, and overall health and wellbeing.

The Walk Leader team have all been through the program, with some fine results.

There is no magic. You can improve your gut health, and many other health parameters through non-supplemental means, but in 8 years of being professionally involved with high-level international wellbeing specialists I have not seen such dramatic positive results in such a short time frame, and with such ease.

If you are interested in more information please reach out to Matt by email on matt@mattgibbs.co.uk. Kits will be ordered at the beginning of September.


T-shirts reminder
Di is still collecting orders for our purple Stronger Together T-shirts?

Latest news is that there is now a V-neck T-shirt on offer.


Other 2018 Adventure Walks
It’s such a great pleasure to participate in the Adventure walks. These are great events created by a large team of volunteers from our Walk Leader Team and Social Committee Team. We still have some excellent walks coming up this year, but are already planning a fantastic schedule for 2019.

October 21st – Rivington Pike. Book your place here.
November 18th – Arnside. Book your place here.
December 9th – Christmas meal at Salmesbury Hall. Book your place here.


Here are your walks for this week:

Monday 18:45 – Chorley Wanderer – Astley Park with Gill


Tuesday 18:30 – Buckshaw Roamer – Tesco car park – Buckshaw with Andy


Wednesday 18:15 – Evening Workout Walk – Haslam Park with Andy


Friday 9:30am – Friday Roamer – The Docks with Angela


Saturday 9:15 am – Rise and Shine – Avenham Park with the team


Have a fantastic week. All the best.



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