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Boom !

The magical regenerative properties of the Epsom bath.

I was pooped after the Adventure walk today, but a few hours with the kids and then an Epsom bath and I have regained my second wind !


Kielder Forest Adventure Walk

Today was simply fantastic. Thank you, everyone, who came along for our coach trip Adventure walk to Kielder Forest.

Less than a week ago we were considering canceling the walk altogether, as the weather forecast looked like high winds and heavy rain. Miraculously, over the week, the weather has been gradually improving, and today, thanks to our Nordic Weather God, the weather was stunning. Warm, sunny, blue skies, an autumnal crispness in the air. Just ideal for our 10k (+1) walk around the Bull Crag Peninsula.

Take a look at the photographs here.


Our next Adventure Walk is Sunday 21st October at Rivington

I made a mistake making an announcement on the coach today. We have Rivington Pike walk in October and then Arnside in November, not the other way around as I said on the coach. My apologies. Like I said, I was pooped. Plus I’ve had baby brain this week after a few minor adjustments to the usual sleeping routine.

So, please book yourself on. More details will be coming soon, but there is one thing you can be guaranteed…a load of fun with a really great group of people.

PLEASE NOTE: Adventure walks are hereto open to “non-Nordic-walkers”. So, if you have family, friends or colleagues who have expressed an interest in your Adventure walk escapades, but are still not sure whether walking with poles is for them, then encourage them along. As long as we know they are fit and healthy enough to manage the typical 10k distance (actual distances to be confirmed by the Leadership Team prior to any event) then they are more than welcome.

If you are not booked on yet follow this link here and book yourself on.


National #fitnessday

This week it is National Fitness Day on Wednesday 26th September.

We have therefore set up two “new” style taster sessions. Participants will get to try walking with the 3P’s (Posture, Pride and Purpose), walking with poles, walking with Smoveys, walking with Pro-X walkers, walking with Bungy Pump poles, walking up a hill with and without poles, and even Speedhyking and running, skipping and bounding with poles for those who want to.

Wednesday 10:30am Avenham Park. Book here.

Wednesday 6:30pm Avenham Park. Book here.

Please note that we meet at the Pavilion for these sessions.

Please note that these sessions are open to regular NWP walkers and newcomers. Please feel free to invite friends, family and colleagues.

Please note that the evening session will be a replacement for the regular Wednesday evening Haslam walk and will give you a fun, alternative, and interesting way to learning how to use your Nordic walking skills with greater effect and efficiency. Come and give it a go.


Chorley FM

Did you hear our spot at 8am on Saturday morning. Walk Leader Gill and I visited Chorley FM to meet radio presenter and Pilates instructor Ruth Hoyle from Exercise Angels to discuss the benefits of walking, the risks of sitting too much, and generally talking about the many worthwhile reasons to take up #nordicwalking and join our happy family at Nordic Walking Preston.

We will aim to get a recording of the live event for those who missed it.


Tuesdays Circuit Class
We are currently trialing a number of higher intensity mixed activity classes at Grasshoppers. We have invested in new equipment and will be combining walking with poles with static and dynamic exercises and walking with Smoveys, Pro-X walkers, Bungy Pump poles, and ordinary poles.

These will be 45-minute sessions where you follow a circuit of exercises at different stations. It will get your heart rising and will accelerate toning up various parts of the body. It will be fun and intensity will be regulated based on your current level of ability and fitness.


T-shirts reminder
Our purple Stronger Together T-shirts are here. I am sure Di will be in touch with anyone who has ordered one.


Other 2018 Adventure Walks
It’s such a great pleasure to participate in the Adventure walks. These are great events created by a large team of volunteers from our Walk Leader Team and Social Committee Team. We still have some excellent walks coming up this year, but are already planning a fantastic schedule for 2019.

October 21st – Rivington Pike. Book your place here.
November 18th – Arnside. Book your place here.
December 9th – Christmas meal at Salmesbury Hall. Book your place here.


Here are your walks for this week:

Monday 18:45 – Chorley Wanderer – Buckshaw Village


Tuesday 6:30 – Rising Stars – Moor Park


Tuesday 18:45 – Get Fit at Grasshoppers – Grasshoppers

Please note – Only 5 places available. 3 remaining. Act fast.


Wednesday 10:30 – Fitness Day Morning Taster Session – Avenham Park

Wednesday 18:30 – Fitness Day Evening Taster Session – Avenham Park


Friday 9:30am – Friday Roamer – Preston Docks with Angela


Saturday 9:15 am – Rise and Shine – Avenham Park


Have a fantastic week. All the best.



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