NWP News 26/05/2019

Good evening folks,


The garden is looking beautiful (that’s code for it’s been raining). It’s all in the timing though. I managed to cut the grass whilst it was dry.


Driving to Manchester Aquatics Centre this morning at 7:30am though, the only thought overpowering the drone of the rain beating down on the windscreen was “It’s a Cathedral Caves sorta day”.

Those who experienced that Adventure Walk about a year ago will easily be able to feel into my ride this morning.

It was therefore pleasantly soothing to have the Radio 3 Sounds of the Earth show on. Immediately I was able to transport myself to Kielder, a dry forest, and the pleasant chirps and warbles of a wide variety of birds. Download the show on the BBC Sounds App for those emergencies where you need some calm, soothing sounds to quieten the mind.


Whinlatter 10k

Congratulations to our very own Nordic Walking Preston walk leader Andy Harrison for bringing home the 1st place Nordic Walker trophy from yesterday evening’s Whinlatter 10k event. We have a few 1st place trophies here in Preston and the wooden ones for the Whinlatter are particularly unique.


Nicky Nook

Our second May Bank Holiday is almost upon us. So, should you have the time and inclination please join Matt for a slightly longer walk at Nicky Nook.

Please meet at the Applestore car park for the usual start time of 6:45pm, but please have a snack or meal prior to the walk because it might be a little later than 8pm that we finish, and a little longer drive home than usual.


Timeout Tuesday

Join Sue and Andy for the new TIMEOUT TUESDAY Walk – starting Tuesday 4th June at 6.45pm.
This walk around the Fulwood area will be a mixture of hidden woodland, countryside and urban adventures. They’ve been enjoying linking up some well-known routes with new exploration.
Parking will be off Oliver’s Place / Pitman Way. Sue will post exact starting point nearer the time.


Mandala Float Centre Taster Session

This Wednesday our evening walk is linked with the Floating taster session at the Mandala Centre. The walk will take place along the Guild Wheel.

It has come to our attention that Lancashire County Council roadworks at the Broughton crossroads junction mean that it will not be easy to reach the Mandala Centre owing to a road closure between the crossroads and Broughton High School.

The alternative arrangement is for parking at the Aquatic Centre which is on the right-hand side a little further north than the Marriot Hotel. We shall start the walk across from the Aquatic Centre.

It is possible to reach the Mandala Centre by car, however you must either travel via Bartle, or through Woodplumpton adding approx 15 minutes onto journey time.

Any questions please phone Matt before Wednesday.


Grasmere Gallop

Please accept our apologies. The whole team is away on Saturday, most attending the Grasmere Gallop to either participate or cheer our fellow group members on.

No Saturday morning walk will therefore be taking place in Preston.


Our next Adventure Walk

PLEASE NOTE – we have had to change the order of our next two Adventure walks owing to availability to recce the sites.

Our next Adventure walk will therefore be taking place at Silverdale under the guidance of Sue and Andy. Please book your place here.


Our next Learn To Nordic Walk courses

Please see below for links.


Here are your walks for this week:

Monday 18:45 – Bank Holiday Special – Nicky Nook – Bank Holiday Special with Matt


Wednesday 18:15 – Wednesday Workout – The Mandala Centre with Matt

Wednesday 19:30 – 21:30 Floating Taster Session – The Mandala Centre with Matt


Friday  9:30am – Friday Roamer – Hurst Grange Park with Angela


Saturday – GRASMERE GALLOP. No walk in Preston.


Have a fantastic week. All the best.



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