NWP News 8/09/2019

Good evening,

what a beautiful day it’s been. We had a lazy morning and then drove over to South Shore and walked on the sand and splashed in the water pools. We saw kites from the St Annes Kite Festival in the distance and just before leaving we were fortunate enough to see some of the big-name planes taking off from Blackpool airport and heading over to the Southport Air Show.

A week into my Splits Challenge I can now do the side splits to a width of more than one whole length and a section of my other pole. I have 125 cm micro trail poles. They are a lovely set of poles. And I love Nordic Walking. And I feel more stable on my feet and more powerful when walking just by having done the stretching and strengthening exercises of this splits programme this week.


Tuesday with Sue and Andy

Please note that we have decided to change the start location to the new Aldi car park.

Hopefully this will be more convenient, safer, and with less of a risk of potential car damage by a large lorry.

We look forward to seeing you Tuesday at the usual time.


NWP T-shirts

We are going to place an order for the pole and v-neck T-shirts.

As these are individually embroidered with the NWP emblem we usually put in orders when we have interested from around 10 of you.

There have been a few new members recently who may be loking to get the purple T-shirts so [please let Di Duckworth know if you want one.

When last ordered the polo shirts were £25 and the v-necks £22.

Hopefully the price will be around the same.


10k Events

Please speak to any member of the team for advice or guidance on getting involved with any of the upcoming events.

If there is one event that we would highly recommend it would be the Preston 10k.

It would be great to have as many of you participating as possible supporting each other and making our mark for #nordicwalking.


Mad Hatters Tea Party

Please note that a few ladies are going to Mad Hatters in Longton for afternoon tea on Friday this week at 2:30pm. For reasons unforeseen a couple have had to drop out.
If any new or existing walkers would like to go then please contact Angela directly for full details.
Whitby Adventure Walk
Not long now !
Please make sure you have paid your fare to Di and passed Sue your reservation request for Trenchers should you be interested in that.
If you would like to be in the WhatsApp group please contact Sue.
If you would like to participate in the Bake and Take team then please contact Di.
The coach will leave at 7:30 am so we look forward to seeing you bright and early.
If you have any ideas for entertainment on the journey there please let the team know.
Don’t forget a pillow should you want to nap on the way back.
New, and not yet booked on – contact the team. We may have a space available for you.


Epsom Bath Bombs

Should you be interested in an Epsom Bath bomb Lenka is taking orders up until the 21st for delivery at the coach on Adventure Walk day.



Did you know that the Mandala Float Centre in Broughton offers monthly members of Nordic Walking Preston a fantastic deal of £20 per float.

If you’re a regular walker and are interested in the many additional benefits of floating then the Nordic Walking Preston monthly membership is definitely the right choice.

If you need any information then please don’t hesitate to contact the team.


Here are your walks for this week:

Monday 18:45 – Chorley Wanderer – Lock & Quay


Tuesday 18:45 – Timeout Tuesday – Fulwood Aldi with Sue & Andy


Wednesday 18:15 – Wednesday Workout – Preston Docks with Matt


Friday  9:30am – Friday Roamer – Hurst Grange Park with Angela


Saturday 9:15 am – Rise and Shine – Avenham Park with Andy & Sue


Have a fantastic week. All the best.





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