THANK YOU all for your attendance, engagement, attention and interest.


Day 1: Tuesday 16th January:

Good grief ! It was so windy and cold I thought we were all going to blow away. I was thoroughly impressed with your dedication to persist through the session and whilst it ended up being the shortest session of the week, we did manage to reach the Lake District Peaks monument and have a walk round the Lido (although it wasn’t any less windy down there, was it?). Aside from the wind there was some blue sky and sunshine when we held our heads high.

I was taken by the comments received at the end of the session:

  • I’ve been wanting to try this for years
  • I can really feel it in my arms
  • I wasn’t going to do this, but I’m glad I have now
  • I’ve already contacted our local instructor and I’m going to arrange a session for our group
  • There’s nothing in Northern Ireland. I’ve just checked.

As many of you were travelling back to Northern Ireland I do hope you managed your journeys safely and in a timely fashion. I heard on the radio the next morning of snow fall and other travel hassles.


Day 2: Wednesday 17th January:

Another warm, friendly and approachable group seemed apprehensive about going out at first as we looked at the rain on the window. Raising our heads a little further we could see the blue sky and perhaps change our opinion about the ensuing experience.

As I mentioned, we often find ourselves busy in our commute and behind our office desk and this can lead to the insidious rounded shoulders posture, stiff neck and tight lower back.

When we got outside we managed to straighten ourselves up and take in the elements. Sure, it was less windy than Tuesday, but breezy nevertheless.

It was great to see the snow-capped peaks in the Lake District and stop for a pose with Eric Morecambe.

On our return I wasnt sure whether the rosy smiley cheeks were from the bracing walk, the dermal abrasion from the far end of the prom, or the sunshine.

I was pleased to hear that one of the group is already booked on a Learn To Nordic Walk course with her local instructor.

It was refreshing to hear that some people enjoyed it but realised it was not for them at this time. Finding one’s own likeable activity to build into one’s own lifestyle to keep you fit and active as you age is crucial to better health and happiness outcomes throughout one’s life.

One person said “I’m going to do this with my community group!” – please do keep me informed how you get on. It’s great to hear peoples stories down the line.


Day 3: Thursday 18th January:

Although the drive up to Morecambe from Preston gave me the impression that we might be in for a wet one, we ended up having the calmest weather of the week.

We spoke about the rise of stressful situations in our modern day lives, and how getting outdoors and the simple act of walking and talking with friends can alleviate some of the burden of any challenges we are facing in the moment.

We strode out along the prom, and according to Di’s phone stats it appeared that we had covered almost 5km by our return. A refreshing achievement.

It was great that we even managed to walk on the beach, although no one took up my offer of a swim in the sea. Hmm ! I wonder why.

Again there were some mixed views on the session, which is fantastic, but I was pleased to hear on our return that one lady would look at those people walking with poles in a different light from now on 😉 . Just pulling your leg. I really value and appreciate all your feedback.


Here is a link to a ONEDrive Shared folder for access to photos taken during the 3 sessions. Those with proper cameras may have better quality images which you may choose to share amongst yourselves.


Thank you to Di Duckworth from our local group’s Social committee for assistance on Thursday. Always appreciated. If you are ever in Preston and would like to meet our thriving group then don’t hesitate to get in touch with either myself or Di. (Website link. Facebook page).

If you found the Nordic walking experience beneficial to your own health, posture, or wellbeing and are interested in taking it up in your local area please visit the Nordic Walking UK website and put your postcode in the Find an Instructor area to find your nearest instructor. If you watch the BBC Breakfast 2016 clip on the main page you might even spot someone you now already know. 😉 If you have any questions or issues please don’t hesitate to contact me directly and I will assist you in connecting with local instructors or NWUK HQ directly.

If you would like a bespoke experience suitable for your staff or clients, either similar or different to the session at Morecambe then please also don’t hesitate to get in touch. This is a special service I offer that not all NWUK instructors are ready or able to offer.


Finally, thank you kindly to Caroline and the whole team at the Rank Foundation for the invitation and opportunity to spend a few hours with the line managers from the Time2Shine project. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Nordic walking can offer something for everyone, however, it won’t be something everyone warms to immediately.

Saying that, I trust that the sessions were informative and instructive enough to provide you with new experiences, feelings and thoughts about how you may proceed with your daily life, health and fitness when facing either endless sitting, challenging weather conditions, busy and stressful work/life situations, or temporary isolation. Should you ever want to walk and talk with me in the future then my poles are always at the ready.

Wishing you only the best of health and fitness for your bigger purpose.

Please continue to do the great work you are all already doing.




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