UCLAN 2018 – Explore with Walking

Summertime is fast approaching.

Get yourself outdoors at lunchtime and explore the green spaces in and around the centre of Preston.

Join us for a 30-minute introductory session to learn how you can get the most out of a short, brisk walk from Greenbank building or Foster building.

Burn more calories than ordinary walking, tone up your arms and waist as well as legs, meet some new people, and feel energised when going back to your workspace.

The session will include guidance on posture, walking, mindfulness and outdoor awareness techniques to quadruple your benefits of getting outdoors and away from your desk/office/revision or lectures.

Also included will be guidance on where you can access green spaces in 10 min/20 min/30 min/40 min walks from various campus buildings.

Each session is an opportunity to stretch your legs, socially engage with other participants, and will end with the opportunity to eat your lunch outdoors and continue chatting (i.e. bring it with you in a small rucksack).

For those not originally from Preston we shall also provide information about the great parks of Preston, the Guild Wheel, Brockholes, and other interesting destinations to visit such as Darwen Tower, Pendle Hill, the Lake District, Blackpool and more.

No equipment needed. Just in your usual clothing, but please wear a pair of comfortable, flat-soled shoes or trainers. All sessions are open to all ages and all abilities.

You will learn about the additional benefits of using poles for “Nordic walking”, and how you can access the already established Nordic walking sessions running on campus, but in these taster sessions you can opt not to use the poles.


Taster session dates and times:

PLEASE NOTE: Only book one place on one date throughout the duration of the taster session block below. This allows other staff or students to participate with you.

Please arrive promptly (even 5 minutes prior to start time) to meet your walk facilitator and the other participants.

  • Monday 30th April. Greenbank Social Space. 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Book your place here.

  • Wednesday 2nd May. Foster building main entrance. 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Book your place here.

  • Wednesday 9th May. Foster building main entrance. 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Book your place here.

  • Thursday 10th May Greenbank Social Space. 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Book your place here.

  • Monday 14th May. Greenbank Social Space. 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Book your place here.

  • Thursday 17th May Foster building main entrance. 12:15pm – 12:45pm

Book your place here.



How to access the walks:

We have an online booking system which allows staff and students to book on to the already established Tuesday lunchtime Nordic walking sessions.

These new “taster sessions” from Greenbank and Foster will also be accessible via the online booking system (as per booking links above).

The benefit for you in registering is that you can book on or off and receive confirmation emails.

We do have limited spaces, and you may be placed on a waiting list if the numbers fill up. The system is designed to allocate you a place and provide email notification if someone cancels their place on the walk. Please therefore remove yourself from the booking system if you can no longer attend. This will allow those on the waiting list to get their chance of attending.

Click this link to access the booking system.

UCLAN Nordic Walking

Walking or Nordic Walking?

These free sessions are designed to introduce you to walking in a way that improves your posture, physical fitness, mood, mental wellbeing, and social interaction with others. Sitting down for long periods, whether in lecture theatres, cars, eateries of otherwise is known to be detrimental to your overall health and longevity. Sat indoors surrounded by concrete and computers is also known to impact on your wellbeing.

The sessions will show you how to access green spaces close to the centre of the campus, how to get the most of a short 10-minute brisk walk to break up your day of sitting, and inform you about the additional benefits and outcomes you can achieve by Nordic walking. You may then choose to join the weekly Nordic walking sessions held on Tuesdays at lunchtime from Foster building. These 40-minute sessions allow you to reach as far as Avenham Park or Moor Park, and make it back for lunch all within the hour lunch break. Read more about Nordic walking below.



Nordic walking was originally a summer training regime for cross-country skiers. It’s based on using specially designed walking poles in a way that harnesses the power of the upper body to propel you forward as you walk.

However, Nordic walking is much more than a full-body workout. Nordic walking allows you to walk and talk so that you are improving your posture, mobility, strength and fitness, whilst chatting with friends about topics not related to work.

This inspiring combination of activities all packaged up as “Nordic walking” means that you can get away from your desk, your computer screen, and your seated position that likely irritates your back and your neck. You can breathe in fresh air, oxygenate your body, and freshen your mind so that when you return back to your workplace you feel energised and ready to perform at your best.

At the end of 2016 we introduced UCLAN 2nd year Physiotherapy students to Nordic walking and the feedback was great.


We then ran a number of taster sessions with staff and likewise the feedback was very positive.


Nordic walking is enjoyed by all ages and abilities and often appeals to those who enjoy the outdoors but are not overly keen on attending the gym or indoor health club classes.

Here are some testimonials from our happy, healthy Nordic walkers. Many of our walkers have noted significant improvements in their health, fitness and overall wellbeing that they have not been able to achieve through other means in the past. In fact, there are a striking number of studies that have been done on the benefits of Nordic walking to various health conditions. See here for more.

However, as noted above Nordic walking originates from cross-country skiing. Cross-country skiers are said to be the fitted athletes on the planet. Nordic walking is therefore a fantastic complimentary form of training for people who are sporty, athletic, or participate in various sporting competitions. The use of the poles assists in improving posture, activating most major muscles of the body, as well as mobilising many joints across the body. Nordic walking is effectively an outdoor cross-trainer, but provides many more benefits than just using a piece of cross-training equipment in an indoor gym.

Matt, the owner of Nordic Walking Preston, is the British Nordic Walking Champion, a lifestyle coach and Biomechanics coach, so feel free to connect with Matt if you would like to explore the use of Nordic walking or Bungy Pump training to boost your performance in your chosen sporting discipline.


UCLAN recognised the important benefits of Nordic walking to its staff and students and regular walks take place on a Tuesday from Foster building from 12:10pm to 12:50pm.

It is advisable to join one of the above “free sessions” before joining the regular Nordic walking sessions.

On Monday 30th April we shall commence the first of a number of 30-minute duration walking sessions from Greenbank social space or Foster building main entrance which shall take participants on various routes around campus.

This allows you to make excellent use of your lunch break to get away from the office, or lecture theatre and to stretch, straighten up, improve your health and fitness, and dump any work-related tension in the park.

These UCLAN sessions are free of charge.


Already Nordic walking ?

If you would like to try Nordic walking please book on to any of the sessions via this link here:

UCLAN Nordic Walking

Why do I need to register ?

We have a limited number of poles for participants and therefore we need to know numbers. Also, the online booking system is an excellent platform for you to see that you are booked on a walk, or on the waiting list.

What do you need ?

All you need is a pair of trainers and a suitable jacket. You can change into comfortable outdoor or sports clothing, but it is not necessary. You can choose to walk in your works attire. Poles are provided.

Do I need any previous experience or tuition ?

If this is the first time you are attempting Nordic walking we recommend a short induction session. During January we shall be focusing on inductions and walks. From February regular walks shall commence. If you are new to Nordic walking from February onwards special inductions shall be set up separately.

Can I inform my colleagues ?

Yes, please forward them this article and encourage them to come Nordic walking with you. They will thank you for it once they experience the benefits for themselves.

What if I can’t attend on Tuesdays  ?

Nordic Walking Preston run classes in the parks of Preston every day of the week. More details can be found at www.nordicwalkingpreston.co.uk or www.facebook.com/nordicwalkingpreston. If there is sufficient interest on campus we may provide other Nordic walking sessions at other times and days. If this is of interest please email us with your preferences so that we can discuss this directly with UCLAN.


If you have any additional questions feel free to contact Matt on 07530 813225, or via email info@nordicwalkingpreston.co.uk. Alternatively catch Matt in person at one of the above Taster sessions.

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