UHMBT What next?

It has been a total pleasure delivering #nordicwalking taster sessions to you at the 3 hospitals in Furness, Lancaster and Westmorland.

We have had some great feedback on the days, and via email, and comments back to the UHMBT Comms team.

Many thanks for participating, enjoying the sessions and providing your feedback.


Nordic walking offers so many benefits to so many people, both for

  1. physical health, posture, joint mobility, muscle strengthening, balance and fitness,
  2. mood and mental wellbeing, an ability to destress and calm the mind, or tune into our innate wisdom and creativity
  3. social interaction, friendly communication, meeting new people, motivation, inspiration and reducing isolation or loneliness

In fact, it is now something that is being recommended by:

  1. Public Health England. Read here for more.
  2. Centre for Ageing Better. Read here for more.

There are also numerous studies that have taken place recommending Nordic walking for all manner of health conditions, which as health professionals working for the NHS it is worth knowing both for yourself, your colleagues and patients.

Patients with Parkinson’s disease, COPD, Alzheimers, Diabetes, Heart conditions, Obesity, Knee replacements, Hip replacements, can all benefit from Nordic walking.


Here are a few photos we managed to get of you taking part:

Other photos available on @UHMBT Twitter.

There was some really great feedback and realisations occuring during the taster sessions and it would be great to see you develop your Nordic walking skills further.


How to continue with Nordic walking?

Many of you asked about poles. Please use this link to find the poles we recommend. Remember, the glove strap is the important part !

Some online retailers will sell trekking poles, very cheap, and call them Nordic walking poles, but they are not.

Poles are best purchased after the Learn To Nordic Walk course when you feel more comfortable and confident with the poles, and you have tried several types and have a better idea of which type and price bracket you prefer to buy from.


The Learn To Nordic Walk course is a nationally recognised course delivered by qualified and experienced instructors so that you gain the most awareness about how to use the poles for your maximum benefit in order to achieve your best improvements in health, fitness and wellbeing.

These courses tend to provide 2-4 hours of tuition and practice so that you feel at ease with walking on any type of terrain with the poles.

If you would like to attend a Learn To Nordic Walk course you can attend a public session with Matt or Nic (see contact details below).

Alternatively, we can arrange a number of sessions at or near the hospitals.

These can take place from September should there be sufficient interest.

Please feel free to email info@nordicwalkingpreston.co.uk with any comments, feedback, or questions related to the recent taster sessions, and if you would be interested in attending a Learn To Nordic Walk course, and we will be in touch soon.


Matt operates Nordic Walking Preston.

Nic operates Nics Nordic Walks in the Lake District.



It is possible to find instructors and classes across the country by visiting the national site and entering your postcode into the Find An Activity or Instructor area on the national Nordic Walking UK website.


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